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“Phoenix Hospitality Group is a recruitment agency that provides staffing solutions for the food and beverage industry. They offer a wide range of services, including supplying qualified chefs, apprentice chefs, bar staff, function staff, and consultancy services. They cater to both small events and large-scale catering functions, and are available 24/7 for last-minute staffing requests.”

Our Services


24 hour, seven day a week emergency response covering the Brisbane and Gold Coast areas. We have qualified experienced chefs available within 24 hours for short or long term positions.

• Waiters

• Waitress

• Bar Attendant

• Supervisory

• Staff Catering

• Canteen Assistants


• Grade 2 Kitchen Hands

• Grade 3 Kitchen Hands (supervisors)

• Qualified Chefs

• Banquet Chefs

• Á La Carte Chef

• Event Chefs


• Qualified with industry experience

• Mature attitudes and work ethics

• Available for short or long term contracts


Fully Qualified Head Chef for:

• Private functions

• Private home

• Weddings

Progressive Approach

Our structure allows recruiters to “recruit” and not be involved in business development so they can spend 100% of their time understanding your needs, sourcing candidates, and providing consistent communication. Each search will also receive the support of our entire team, allowing us to utilize a variety of strengths and specialties to handle each unique challenge. This helps our firm achieve a higher level of success for clients. Our employment structure is designed to always provide you with consistent results.

Comprehensive Services

We offer a variety of screening services, assessments and search options to accommodate specific needs. We are experienced in both highly confidential executive searches, as well as large-scale recruitment process outsourcing; we can handle it all! We are committed to the success of our clients and can offer services ranging from creating job descriptions and bonus plans, to assisting with compensation negotiations.

Commitment to Partnerships

As we are always cultivating long-term partnerships with our clients, we provide resources throughout the search process to assure you have set up your new employee for success. Our processes ensure the highest possible success rate, but we also offer replacement guarantees for added security. Our extended guarantee periods go beyond the industry standard. Unlike many of our competitors, we work exclusively on your search and will never send the same candidates to other companies simultaneously.

Seasoned and Effective Recruiters

All members of our recruiting team have held executive-level positions within the restaurant, club, hotel or within the hospitality industry, and have also spent years in the recruiting field. We know and understand this business first-hand! Each of our team members go through a comprehensive six-week structured recruiting training program, as well as ongoing training throughout their careers.

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satisfied clients


5 star service


qualified staff


HACCP Certified

Eco Lab Chemical Certification 

Food Safety certificates


Customer support

24hrs / 7 Days


common questions

Phoenix Hospitality Group offers a range of staffing services for the hospitality industry, including temporary and permanent staffing solutions for hotels, restaurants, and catering companies. They provide staff for a variety of roles, such as chefs, stewards, kitchen hands, waitstaff, bartenders, and event coordinators.

The focus of Phoenix Hospitality Group’s stewarding and hospitality division is on providing high-quality staffing solutions for hotels and other hospitality businesses. They offer trained stewards and other hospitality staff to help with everything from cleaning and maintaining kitchen equipment to providing excellent customer service to guests.

Hotel stewards in the hospitality industry are responsible for maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene of the hotel kitchen and its equipment. They are also responsible for ensuring that all work areas are kept clean and tidy. Also they are responsible for dishes, pots, cutlery and rubbish removal. They manage dishwasher temperatures and maintain records. They keep all the hot sections and equipment cleaned, sanitized and polished.

Phoenix Hospitality Group’s stewards possess a range of qualifications, including certifications in chemicals, food safety and hygiene, knowledge of proper cleaning techniques, and experience in the hospitality industry.

Phoenix Hospitality Group offers on-the-job training for apprentice chefs, which includes working alongside experienced chefs in professional kitchens. The costs of training are covered by the host employer, and apprentices receive a salary while they are learning.

Phoenix Hospitality Group offers a range of options for training apprentice chefs, including certificate and diploma courses in culinary arts, apprenticeships in professional kitchens, and on-the-job training programs.

Phoenix Hospitality Group provides a wide range of event staff, including waitstaff, bartenders, event coordinators, and security personnel. They also offer emergency response services in areas such as crowd control and first aid.

The chefs provided by Phoenix Hospitality Group possess a range of qualifications, including formal training in culinary arts, experience working in professional kitchens, and certifications in food safety and hygiene. The benefits to the host employer include access to highly trained and experienced chefs who can help improve the quality of food and service in their establishment.

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We have staffing solutions for the hospitality industry, 24/7.

Phoenix hospitality elevate your event with professional staffing.

Phoenix Recruitment & Consultancy

"Looking for top-tier staffing solutions in the hospitality industry? Look no further than Phoenix Hospitality Group. With experienced hotel stewards, skilled apprentice chefs, and top-notch event staff, we're the perfect partner for your staffing needs. Contact us today and let us help you take your business to the next level!"


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