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“At Phoenix Hospitality we have some of the best trained chef cookery teachers in the industry all culinary trainers have been trained in 5-star luxury hotels that offer the students the best possible edge in the industry. All teacher have their current TAE40116 trainer and assessor certificate.”

our phoenix hospitality trainers

educate students about different supply chains

learn Menu engineering

our leactors will teach compresensive food hACCP programs

kitchen cleaning & Sanitisation

Educate students about culinary terminology, food cuisines, meat, fish and poultry fabrication and general food knowledge

Commerical cookery Trainers & Hospitality trainers

The trainer’s main job is to make sure students become chefs and food service professionals. He or she maintains a learning environment where students are encouraged to ask questions, show respect for the teacher and classmates and learn about the culinary arts in great detail. Instruction involves hands-on participation from the students so that they develop a firmer understanding of the practice. A culinary arts teacher modifies instruction, as needed, to meet the needs of all students.

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We have staffing solutions for the hospitality industry, 24/7.

Phoenix hospitality elevate your event with professional staffing.


"Experience the difference with Phoenix Hospitality Group. With our highly skilled team of hospitality experts, we're dedicated to providing the highest levels of cleanliness and sanitization. Trust our experienced compliance management team to ensure your staff are up to date with the latest certifications and protocols. Contact us today to learn more and put your kitchen in good hands."


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