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Vent Hood Filter Cleaning Exhaust System Cleaning

“Regardless of the type of kitchen you are in, cooking generates a lot of smoke, heat, and vapors containing grease. All of this must go somewhere, and that somewhere is out the exhaust system in your kitchen. The heat, smoke, and vapors pass through the vent’s hood filter and continues into your air ducts which direct this dangerous combination out through the exhaust fans on your roof. Since the heat, smoke, and vapors are mixed with highly flammable residue such as oils and grease they can quickly and easily ignite making this a dangerous recipe.  Employing the services of Grit Out not only provides a clean kitchen but also can prevent disasters from happening.”

Our Services

Professional assessment to determine the level of cleaning required and how deep any trouble spots go.

Steam cleaning and washing.

Check for the overall safety of exhaust hood systems.

Use environmentally-friendly and natural cleaning products.

We provide before and after shots of the exhaust hood system.

Prepare a full report on any findings during cleaning.

Vent Hood & Exhaust Hood Cleaning

Vent-Hood Systems

As one of the network’s largest kitchen vent hood cleaners, we pride ourselves on our dedication to performing detailed inspections before every service. We can ensure a complete cleaning of your kitchen’s vent hood filter system.

Vent hood filters become clogged with grease quickly and, if left uncleaned, your kitchen will not be able to ventilate properly. This also reduces your energy cost.


Exhaust Hood Systems

We take the necessary steps so that out-of-sight areas in your exhaust hood system are treated just as well as any other part of your kitchen.

This doesn’t just include the outside of your exhaust hood, but every inch of the inside and connecting ductwork as well.

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Phoenix Hospitality Group offers comprehensive cleaning services for kitchen exhaust systems and vent hood filters, including professional assessments, steam cleaning and washing, and the use of environmentally-friendly and natural cleaning products to ensure a safe and clean kitchen environment.

Vent hood filters can quickly become clogged with grease, which can hinder proper ventilation and increase energy costs. Cleaning your system regularly can help reduce the risk of fire by eliminating flammable residue and keeping your system working efficiently.

Phoenix Hospitality Group’s staff comprises several firefighters and other professionals who are highly trained in the assessment and sanitation of kitchen exhaust hood systems.

Yes, Phoenix Hospitality Group can also replace your filter if necessary.

Phoenix Hospitality Group’s exhaust hood system cleaning services are designed to treat every part of your system with the same level of care, including the inside and connecting duct work. We take the necessary steps to prevent fires and improve your bottom line, using a photo documentation system to make those invisible danger areas easy to see.

Phoenix Hospitality Group follows a standard procedure to ensure a thorough cleaning of your system, starting with a pre-cleaning inspection to identify any major problems that need attention. We turn off all kitchen appliances and gas valves for the safety of our cleaners and use chemicals to break down the grease and hot water to rinse away the residue. We also provide before and after shots of the exhaust hood system and prepare a full report on any findings during cleaning.

Phoenix Hospitality Group performs detailed inspections before every service to ensure a complete cleaning of your kitchen’s vent hood filter system.

Phoenix Hospitality Group provides before and after shots of the exhaust hood system and prepares a full report on any findings during cleaning.

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